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Tactical Gear Every Civilian Should Own

Even if you aren’t a gun owner, you will still find plenty of tactical gear to look at and buy at your next Eagle Shows gun show. As Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, we bring vendors and manufacturers from across the country to your town for a unique retail experience you won’t find anywhere else. While plenty of shoppers come looking to buy, sell, and trade guns, that’s not all you’ll find. From the most popular gun accessories and parts to tactical equipment that is perfect for the range, duty, or your everyday carry, our vendors have great deals on the equipment you need. 

Practical, Not Just Tactical

If the term tactical gear brings to mind images of police SWAT teams, military troops, and emergency services, there’s a reason. These are demanding jobs that need gear they can count on, that doesn’t get in their way, and that gives them the functionality they need in life and death situations immediately. That doesn’t mean it’s just for them, though. Tactical equipment is practical equipment–purpose-built to perform under pressure. That’s something we can all use when the going gets tough, and we’ve only got ourselves and the tools we’ve brought with us to rely on.

Where Tactical Gear Fits Into Your Non-Tactical Life

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So, why would a secretary, retail clerk, or other people in a civilian, 9-5 job need tactical gear? No matter who you are, there’s a need for tools, equipment, and accessories you can count on. This is doubly important when disaster strikes. Car accidents, earthquakes, storms, and fires can be trying times when your usual routine and equipment aren’t up for the task. At your local gun show, you’ll find the gear that helps keep you ready for anything so that when it is needed, you can act.

Folding Knives

Folding knives are some of the most popular tactical gear you find in everyday use. They’re easy to carry, functional, and come in a wide variety of styles that make it easy to find the right fit for the hazards and mundane uses you’ll need your knife for. We’ve gone into detail about tactical knives before, so you already know they have a wide range of sizes, blade styles, and folding mechanisms. Some of these are also equipped with other tactical equipment, like glass breakers, seat belt cutters, and flashlights.

Fixed-Blade Knives

While they may not be as convenient to carry day-to-day, fixed blade knives are favorites of hikers, campers, and as additions to emergency kits. The fixed blade is usually stronger than what a folding knife offers, and it often comes with a longer blade length that’s meant to tackle bigger jobs. Like folding knives, there are a variety of blade styles, so choose your tactical gear to fit the job at hand. Heavy, longer blades are good for clearing brush, shorter blades offer more maneuverability, and thicker knives give you sturdier leverage.


Another common piece of tactical equipment for civilians is a tactical flashlight. What makes a flashlight tactical? Tactical gear is made to take a beating, and for flashlights, that means impact and water resistance, easy to use with or without gloves, and designed to give you reliable light when and where you need it. Some flashlights go beyond that, however, with options that improve signaling, remove the need for batteries with solar cells or hand electrical generation, or lumens that far exceed normal flashlights. There are even flashlights that burn bright and hot enough to start emergency fires or cook food.

Bugout Bags

Whether you want to call it a bugout bag, emergency kit, or SHTF bag, the meaning is the same. It’s a bag that holds everything you’d need in the case of an emergency, all in one, easy-to-grab place. They need to be large enough to hold your tactical gear, small enough to not be overly bulky, and sturdy enough to stand up to harsh conditions. Our vendors have a wide range of gear bags to fit your needs. Whether you need a small satchel, a load-bearing backpack, or belt-carried tactical equipment bags for small items you want to keep close at hand, you’ll be able to buy the right bag at the right price when you visit your local gun show.

First Aid Kit

An important part of any tactical gear collection is a good first aid kit that can manage both moderate trauma and minor injuries. This should include bandages and common antibiotic, antiseptic, and anesthetic preparations, as well as life-saving aids like CPR shields, trauma packs, and splints. The gun show is also a good place to pick up field manuals for basic first aid, giving you the knowledge to put these tools to use.

Hydration Packs

Hydration packs give you clean, potable water on the go. Usually designed to be worn like a backpack, these come in a range of storage capacities and are a favorite of hikers and campers. Easily worn underneath other backpacks, like your bugout bag or a tactical pack, they also see a lot of use in the military and among first responders. Even if you don’t have an active lifestyle that warrants mobile hydration, they work well for seasonal water storage, making sure you have an emergency supply of water when needed.


You never know when a good, strong length of material will be needed to tie something down, make a quick repair, or otherwise come in handy. Similar to rope, paracord started as the lines used for parachutes, giving it its name. It has since become one of the most prevalent pieces of tactical gear on the market, gracing not only emergency kits but also glove boxes, tool boxes, and your local fashion shops, where paracord bracelets, necklaces, and keyfobs have become hot accessories. Made of nylon threads covered in a woven nylon jacket, it’s durable, weather resistant, and has more uses than you can count.

Make Your Gun Show Shopping List

It’s time to get geared up to make sure you’re ready for anything, even if it’s just a coffee run before your 8 AM board meeting. Our vendors carry a full range of tactical gear that’s perfect for both service and civilian use. Order your tickets online and get ready for your local Eagle Shows Gun Show today.

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