Eagle Shows FAQ

Guest FAQs

Pre-ordered tickets aren’t just available, they’re a great idea if you want the best deals.

Eagle Shows gun shows draw attendees and vendors from around the region and across the country. Some hotels happily offer discounts if you ask about them when booking your stay, particularly if the hotel itself is the site of the show. While we’re always happy to see businesses supporting the Second Amendment, these discounts are at the hotel’s discretion, and Eagle Shows can’t guarantee they will be offered.

Far from it. Eagle Shows are legal, held in a well-lit and comfortable setting, and staffed by professional security. Vendors agree to follow all federal, state, and local firearms laws, and law enforcement is not only present but welcomed with 30 minutes of early access to all our shows so they can do some shopping themselves. Far from the fear-mongering portrayal often shown in the media, Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show is a safe, family-friendly event that has something for everyone.

We’ve got some great gun show tips here, but if you’re short on time, here are a few starters: show up early, bring cash, and get ready for a full day of fun.

Vendors with an FFL will follow the same state and federal process that you would undergo in a brick-and-mortar gun shop. Private vendors will still need to comply with state laws for firearms transfers. You can find more information in our blog about legally buying and selling a firearm in Pennsylvania.

Many of our vendors accept these and other forms of electronic or digital payment. Smaller local vendors and hobbyists may not be equipped to process debit and credit card transactions. We recommend you bring plenty of cash for expected purchases. This ensures you can shop with whoever you wish, saves merchants money in the form of processing fees, and with some merchants, saves you money as they could offer a “cash and carry” discount.

Unfortunately, at gun shows, safety is paramount, and no loaded firearms are allowed inside the event. Any guns brought in must be unloaded, inspected by security, and tied. Security is provided to ensure your safety and the safety of all staff, vendors, and contractors.

An Eagle Show is a family-friendly event filled with sights, sounds, and goods suitable for the whole family. Bring your kids and introduce them to responsible expressions of our Second Amendment rights. All federal, state, and local laws are followed, security is provided, and the event is well lit and comfortable. 

Guns, on their own, are not dangerous, and an Eagle Shows gun show takes every effort to ensure our venue is one of the safest areas in the state for the duration of our show. Private security is always present, the venue is secure, and law enforcement is proudly welcomed to all our shows. Attendees and vendors alike are expected to follow gun safety 101, all show rules, and the instructions of security and law enforcement at all times.

Please see information about specific shows as different venues may have different policies regarding companion animal access.

When you pre-order tickets for a multi-day show, you have the opportunity to buy them for a single day or for multiple days. Your tickets will stipulate the day(s) your ticket is valid.

Vendor and Exhibitor FAQs

Our vendor page is your one-stop shop for vendor-related information. It’ll get you squared away so you can be ready to make sales and contribute to the best gun show experience around. If you have a specific question that’s not addressed there, reach out to us at [email protected]. Please understand the week leading up to a show can be hectic, so the sooner you ask us, the better.

Absolutely! In Pennsylvania, selling or trading your personal firearm is legal as long as you follow the law. If you’re interested in setting up a table to sell your firearms, either separately or along with other goods, fill out the form on the vendor page.

If it’s legal and appropriate for a family-friendly event, there’s a good chance you can. Fill out the vendor application with complete contact information, and we’ll be in touch.

Eagle Shows are community events, making them perfect for displays, membership drives, and organization fundraising. Fill out our vendor application, be specific as possible, and let's talk about how we can help you get in front of your friends and neighbors at your local gun show.

Our booths are a great way to get your enrollment numbers up while showing your community they’re not alone in their passion for our Second Amendment rights. Fill out a vendor application, including your certifications and licensing, and we’ll review it and get back to you.