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Man providing firearms safety education to a woman

4 Ways Gun Shows Promote Firearms Education

You can find the firearms education you need at your local gun show. From basic new gun owner safety classes to expert firearms training for professionals, there are plenty of options. Our family-friendly events are focused on gun show safety and empowering your Second Amendment rights.

A yellow bug out bag and emergency survival gear are displayed on a table

Building Your Bug-Out Bag: Emergency Essentials You Should Have

You can find your survival gear and emergency essentials at your local gun show. From the bug-out bag itself to the equipment and supplies inside it, our vendors have the top products you need to be sure you’re prepared.

Aerial view of gun show vendors getting their tables set up at an Eagle Shows event

5 Tips for Gun Show Vendors: How to Secure the Sale

We’ve got the gun show vendor tips you need to make your gun show a success. We give you the chance to put your top products in front of thousands of motivated buyers over the course of a weekend, and we want you to be ready.

a pair of black sunglasses, wallet, phone, keys, and everyday carry knife are placed on a wooden background

Choosing the Perfect Everyday Carry Knife

Learn what to look for in an everyday carry knife. The best EDC knife for you is the one that fits your day-to-day lifestyle. We cover what to consider when choosing your blade. Find the knife you want when planning to visit the next Eagle Shows gun show near you.

Vendor booths set up at the Oaks Gun Show by Eagle Shows in Oaks, PA

What to Expect at the Oaks Gun Show

You can expect the Oaks Show to give you 1500 tables filled with new and used guns, knives, camping equipment, and more. There’s something for everyone at the Oaks Gun Show, so make your plans for a family-friendly weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

Man wearing a red vest shooting a shotgun at a shooting range

Shotguns 101: A Buyers Guide for All Skill Levels

Don’t let confusion keep you from buying a shotgun. In our Shotgun 101, we cover the most common gauges, action types, and styles you’ll find at Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show. Do your research to make sure you’re ready to make a great deal.