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The Eagle Shows Blog is your source for Second Amendment news, the top gun show advice, and your guide to finding the best firearm for your money. As Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, we welcome tens of thousands of attendees and vendors into our events every year for a safe, legal gun buying, selling, or trading experience. Whether you’re new to PA gun shows or looking for gun show tips that help you find the best deals on a new or used gun, you’ve come to the right place.

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Hunter Wearing Camouflage Gear is Crouched in Brush While Aiming His Shotgun

Types of Camo: Understanding Camouflage Colors and Their Uses

Learn about the different types of camo and camo patterns you’ll find at Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show. From gear for hunting to tactical wear for use in the field, you’ll find something for everyone. Order your tickets online and guarantee entry to your next Eagle Shows gun show today.

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Firearm Bullets and Holster Sitting on a Wooden Background

10 Must-Have Gun Accessories for Enthusiasts

Your local gun show is a great place to find the gun accessories and tactical gear you’ve been looking for. You’ll find an unrivaled selection of shooting accessories, a comfortable shopping experience, and paid security on-site at an exhibition hall near you. Order your tickets online to the next Eagle Shows gun show near you today.

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Fbi Firearm Transaction Record Forms with Ammunition and a Pen Placed on Top

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Firearm

Buying a gun can be exciting, but you need to know what mistakes to avoid to keep from buying a firearm that won’t meet your needs. Learn what you’re looking for, what to watch for on used guns, and how to make the most of your purchase after the fact. Order your tickets to your local Eagle Shows Gun Show online today.

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Man Reloading Ammunition into a Revolver

The Basics of Reloading Your Own Ammunition 

Ammunition reloading can save you money and give you the right rounds to improve your shooting experience. We’ll cover the basics of reloading and help you understand the ammo reloading supplies needed to start on the right foot.

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a Collection of Wwii Rifles Pistols and Machine Guns

The Beginners Guide to Collecting Firearms

Your local gun show is a great place to find collectible firearms, equipment, and accessories. Learn how to start a gun collection, what types of collections are commonly seen, and whether or not you need a federal collectors license. Get your tickets to your next gun show online from Eagle Shows today.

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Aiming a Pistol During Practice at a Shooting Range

Top Tips to Improve Shooting Accuracy

When you improve your accuracy, you’re a more efficient and safer shooter. Learn how precision shooting helps you avoid tragedies on the range and in the field while putting together tighter shot groups. From gear to technique drills, we’ve got you covered. Order your gun show tickets online from Eagle Shows today.

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Your Second Amendment Source

Gun shows are bastions of your right to keep and bear arms as an American. Every event is filled with private citizens who are there to buy, sell, and trade firearms in a safe, comfortable environment located in the heart of their local community. The Eagle Shows blog is filled with advice to help you get more from your local PA gun shows by helping you identify the gear you’ve been looking for, giving you the gun show tips you need to make a better deal, and educating you on the steps you can take to store, maintain, and shoot your guns better. It’s your one-stop shop for insightful articles about a uniquely American freedom we all share.

Gun Show News

While your Second Amendment rights are enshrined in the United States Constitution, it’s up to everyday gun owners to protect them. Along with educating you about gun show etiquette and shopping, we’ll also be keeping you informed about state and federal regulatory issues that may affect Eagle Shows gun shows, your gun rights, or how you carry and use your firearms. Responsible gun owners who are engaged with their local communities and elected representatives are the best defense of our rights.

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