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The Eagle Shows Blog is your source for Second Amendment news, the top gun show advice, and your guide to finding the best firearm for your money. As Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, we welcome tens of thousands of attendees and vendors into our events every year for a safe, legal gun buying, selling, or trading experience. Whether you’re new to PA gun shows or looking for gun show tips that help you find the best deals on a new or used gun, you’ve come to the right place.

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An assortment of hunting supplies laying on top of orange camouflage fabric

Types of Hunting Gear You’ll Find at a Gun Show

Your next PA gun show is the perfect place to get the hunting gear you need to bring home the big bucks. From firearms to ammunition and accessories, you can find it all in a single location. Order your tickets online and get ready to buy, sell, or trade guns at your local Eagle Shows gun show.

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An overhead view of vendor booths setup at an Eagle Shows gun show in Pennsylvania

Top 3 Must-Visit Gun Shows in Pennsylvania This Year

These Pennsylvania gun shows may be a bit further drive, but they come with the opportunity to explore unique experiences or environments your local gun show just can’t match. Learn about our top 3 must-see gun shows and book your tickets online from Eagle Shows today.

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holiday gifts wrapped with brown paper and twine surrounded by holiday ornaments

Holiday Gift Guide for the Gun Enthusiast

You can find all your gifts for the gun enthusiasts in your life at your next local gun show. From tactical necessities to the accessories that help them shoot better, you’ll find it all at your local event hall with on-site security provided. Order your gun show tickets from Eagle Shows today.

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Man holding a handgun in a gun shop

Evaluating Used Firearm Value

Understanding used gun values helps you get the right deal on the gun you’ve been looking for. Let’s look at how firearms values are calculated, why they can differ from one buyer or seller to the next, and how you can make sure you’re making a good deal. Get your gun show tickets online from Eagle Shows today.

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PA state capitol building in Harrisburg

2023 PA Gun Legislation You Should Know About

New Pennsylvania gun laws are taking aim at legal gun owners and retailers by putting your safety and civil rights in jeopardy. Learn about the new Pennsylvania gun control measures attacking your Second Amendment rights and how to fight them. Get your tickets to buy, sell, and trade guns legally at your next Eagle Shows gun show today.

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Various tactical camping essentials organized on a mat

Tactical Essentials for Your Next Camping Trip

The right tactical essentials can give you greater flexibility on your next camping trip. From tactical survival gear that helps you make it home when everything goes wrong to equipment that makes camping easier and more comfortable out in the wild, you’ll find it all at your next local gun show. Book your tickets online from Eagle Shows today.

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Your Second Amendment Source

Gun shows are bastions of your right to keep and bear arms as an American. Every event is filled with private citizens who are there to buy, sell, and trade firearms in a safe, comfortable environment located in the heart of their local community. The Eagle Shows blog is filled with advice to help you get more from your local PA gun shows by helping you identify the gear you’ve been looking for, giving you the gun show tips you need to make a better deal, and educating you on the steps you can take to store, maintain, and shoot your guns better. It’s your one-stop shop for insightful articles about a uniquely American freedom we all share.

Gun Show News

While your Second Amendment rights are enshrined in the United States Constitution, it’s up to everyday gun owners to protect them. Along with educating you about gun show etiquette and shopping, we’ll also be keeping you informed about state and federal regulatory issues that may affect Eagle Shows gun shows, your gun rights, or how you carry and use your firearms. Responsible gun owners who are engaged with their local communities and elected representatives are the best defense of our rights.

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