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Morgantown PA Gun Shows

It’s almost time again for your Morgantown, PA, gun show, and there’s still time to order and pay for your tickets online for easier entry on the day of the show. Situated in Southeast Pennsylvania, Morgantown has a long and storied history dating back to the founding of our country and beyond. With a convenient location right off the Pennsylvania Turnpike, your local gun show is the perfect place to find the guns and accessories you’ve been looking for along with something fun for the entire family.

Upcoming Morgantown Events

09:00 am-05:00 pm
Morgantown, PA Gun Show – Saturday
Morgantown Center, 6180 Morgantown Road
09:00 am-04:00 pm
Morgantown, PA Gun Show – Sunday
Morgantown Center, 6180 Morgantown Road

The Best Deals From Around The Region

Your Morgantown, PA, gun show is a chance to see premium firearms, pick up the parts and accessories you need, shop and interact with your friends and neighbors in the community, and browse through some of the most unique products and crafts offered by local craftspeople and entrepreneurs. As part of Pennsylvania’s largest gun show, the Morganstown show brings vendors from around the Keystone State and across the country right to your door, creating a safe, comfortable retail event you’ll love.

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Our family-friendly events quickly become traditions that give you an exciting day to shop, explore, and pass on our freedoms to the next generation. Held at the Morgantown Center, a well-lit, modern space that lets you shop in safety and comfort, it’s the perfect time to visit your first gun show or your next one. Secure your admission and get ready to buy, sell, and trade guns with like-minded patriots. Get tickets to your Eagle Shows Morgantown, PA, gun show online today.