Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Shows

When you think of PA gun shows, you’re thinking of Eagle Shows, home of the largest gun shows in the Keystone State. Deeply rooted in the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, the Second Amendment protects the rest of our constitutional liberties by ensuring our rights to self-defense. At an Eagle Show, you have the opportunity to gather with like-minded patriots to buy, sell, and trade guns, ammunition, gear, and equipment. Find the next Eagle show near you and get your tickets today.

Buy, Sell, or Trade Guns

When you want a good deal at a Pennsylvania gun show, you want a welcoming environment that brings in sellers, suppliers, and buyers from all over the state and beyond. We’re proud to give you a safe, comfortable venue to find the next addition to your collection, sell firearms and equipment that you’re ready to let go, and meet with people who enjoy freedom and shooting sports as much as you do. Get your table space and find out more about becoming a vendor at an Eagle Show.

Upcoming Shows

Support Your Constitutional Rights

As the state where the United States Constitution was laid out, Pennsylvania gun shows have a unique feel you won’t find anywhere else. When you visit your local PA gun show, you’re participating in a centuries old American tradition. Responsible gun ownership is not just an extension of those rights, but a foundation of our Founding Fathers’ vision for liberty.

Something For Everyone

You don’t have to be in the market to buy, sell, or trade guns to enjoy your time at a Pennsylvania gun show. Our vendors have arts, crafts, outdoor gear, food, games, collectibles, and more. Eagle Shows are events for the whole family in a safe, comfortable exhibit hall near you. Plan your next family outing and browse a unique selection of goods from local and regional businesses. Order your tickets today and secure your access to the  next Eagle Show!

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