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The Quarryville gun show gives you the chance to buy, sell, and trade guns, find the gun accessories you’ve been looking for, and pick up something for the whole family from a wide variety of vendors and craftsmen gathered from around the state and across the country. The Solanco Fairgrounds gun show is part of Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, giving you a unique retail opportunity to find better prices and deals than you usually have access to locally. It’s time to put together your shopping list, book your tickets online, and get ready to enjoy a family-friendly weekend centered on the Keystone State’s rich heritage of enjoying our Second Amendment rights.

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The Guns You’re Looking for and Plenty More

Your local Quarryville gun show is the perfect place to find good deals on firearms, see one-of-a-kind art and craft pieces made by your Lancaster County neighbors, and spend the weekend browsing in a climate-controlled event space with paid security on sight. The Solanco Fairgrounds give our vendors ample space to sell thousands of guns, tens of thousands of other products, and get their items in front of a larger crowd than they can find at any brick-and-mortar location. That means we have motivated sellers, motivated buyers, and plenty of fun for both.

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Secure your entry to the Quarryville gun show and make sure you’re ready the day of the show. Whether you’re buying, selling, or trading firearms, there’s a deal waiting for you. Order your tickets online to your local Eagle Shows gun show today.