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Slatington PA Gun Shows

Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show is coming to your neck of the woods when the Slatington Gun Show from Eagle Shows arrives at the Slatington Marketplace. Our events give you the unique opportunity to buy, sell, and trade guns and accessories with your friends and neighbors in The Valley. This family-friendly event has paid professional security on-site and brings vendors from around the state and across the country to your hometown. Book your tickets online, start doing researching your gun shopping list, and be ready on the day of the show to find the best deals around.

Upcoming Slatington Events

09:00 am-05:00 pm
Slatington, PA Gun Show – Saturday
The Slatington Marketplace, 8281 PA-873
09:00 am-04:00 pm
Slatington, PA Gun Show – Sunday
The Slatington Marketplace, 8281 PA-873

A Shopping Experience Unlike Any Other

Held at The Slatington Marketplace, our gun show is surrounded by antiques and collectibles from America’s past, making it the perfect venue to enjoy your Second Amendment rights to buy, keep, and bear arms with like-minded Pennsylvanians who are ready to do business. Whether you’re shopping for a new gun, shopping one of your guns around to see what trades are available, or making room in the safe for future firearm purchases, you’ll find a friendly environment of people who know and love guns–just like you. The next Slatington gun show will have something for the whole family, from hunting supplies to toys and one-of-a-kind crafts made by local artists and hobbyists. Your local gun show is the perfect event to plan an entire weekend around.

Book Your Tickets in Advance

When you get your tickets early, you guarantee your access to the event, and it gets you in the doors quicker so you can find the best deals on the guns and accessories you’ve been looking for. Circle the date of your next Slatington gun show on your calendar. Order your tickets to your local gun show from Eagle Shows today.