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4 Ways Gun Shows Promote Firearms Education

Firearms education should be a priority of every gun owner, and Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show is a great place to find the organized firearms training you need, introduce someone to gun safety, and raise awareness and comfort levels around these important self-defense tools. Gun show safety has been a hot topic among politicians and the media. Our vendors and attendees, however, have always known the value we place on safety at our shows is the same importance they give it at home and in their place of business. The best way to protect your Second Amendment rights is through their responsible use, and that means every gun owner needs to be a firearms safety advocate.

Firearms Safety is an Active Process

Gun safety cannot be approached in a passive manner. True safety takes learning how to handle and maintain your weapons properly and then applying that firearms training consistently. It means making good decisions about when and how you use your gun. Finally, it also means having conversations with friends and family who may be around your guns to ensure they’re safe, even if they haven’t had formal firearms training themselves. If it sounds like a lot of work, it doesn’t have to be, but it is a big responsibility that every gun owner should take seriously.

How Our Gun Shows Promote Firearms Education and Safety

When you visit an Eagle Shows event, you’re getting a unique firearms education opportunity as soon as you walk through our doors. Whether you’re new to guns, just want to brush up on your best practices, or need firearms training from a certified professional, you can find some great gun show safety options right in our exhibition hall.

Improved Comfort Levels Around Guns

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Guns are tools that are perfectly safe when properly handled, and that’s on full display at our gun shows. From experienced vendors who’ve traveled hundreds of miles to local community members who have been living, doing business, and hunting in your region for decades, there’s a wealth of people with practical firearms knowledge in attendance. This gives anyone the chance to be around guns and gun owners in a comfortable, friendly setting where they can interact and see for themselves that guns are not the problem fearmongers would have them believe.

Experience is Waiting to Be Shared

With so many experienced gun owners gathered in a single place, there’s a lot to be learned just by listening. Every old-timer has their stories, but plenty of vendors and shoppers are more than willing to talk to you about proper gun handling and share their favorite tips, tricks, and techniques. Here are a few pointers to get the best informal firearms education possible at the gun show:

  • Be Polite – Like your mama said, mind your Ps and Qs. Respect earns respect, and that goes a long way when you’re asking someone to share their opinions and experiences.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions – Questions are great! Gun owners are used to dealing with ignorance and fear, so they’re pretty understanding when a polite person wants to educate themselves.
  • Look With Your Eyes – Never touch another person’s guns, clothes, or body without explicit permission. There are lots of guns on display, and during busy times, the exhibition floor can be packed, so ensure you get both acknowledgment and consent to avoid miscommunications.
  • Be an Active Listener – While most people are more than happy to talk for a few moments, they aren’t there to give a lecture. If you ask a question, engage with their answer, follow up, and have a good conversation. Don’t forget to end it with a polite thank you, which may end up being the start of a future friendship.

We Give Small Businesses an Equal Footing

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We welcome businesses of all sizes to our show, from nationally known manufacturers with new products to display to regional vendors selling their inventory and area crafters who need to sell old projects before they can start on new ones. That means small businesses, which include most local gun ranges, firearms education services, and gun training professionals. They’re welcome to set up a booth, promote the firearms training they provide, and talk to attendees who are there to find better ways to use and enjoy their Second Amendment rights. To find the right firearms educational services for your needs, consider:

  • Your Current Skill Level – Like any trained skill, firearms handling is built one step at a time. If you’ve never fired a gun, competitive tactical skills training might be a bit much when a basic firearms training course focusing on safety and fundamentals is needed.
  • Certifications and Affiliations – Every legitimate firearms trainer has worked hard to earn their place in shooting sports, so there should be no problem having a conversation about their professional recognition. Look for certified professionals who have a track record of success, especially for concealed carry classes that have legal standards.
  • Services Offered – Make sure you understand what they offer and where those services are performed. That way, you don’t end up signing up for a class hours away from home or find that your instructor isn’t offering the firearms education you thought you were booking.

We Practice What We Preach

Gun show safety puts many of the topics covered in most beginner’s firearms education programs into practice. Every gun is unloaded, made safe, and secured. Loose ammo isn’t allowed at Eagle Shows events. Safe gun handling is the rule of the day. Unsafe behavior is immediately corrected, often by safety-conscious vendors or bystanders, but by event staff or our paid security professionals if the need arises. Creating a fun, safe space to buy, sell, and trade guns isn’t just good for business. It also helps start newer gun owners off on the right foot.

Enjoy a Safe, Legal Gun Trading Experience

Wherever you are in Pennsylvania, we’ve got a gun show coming soon in your neck of the woods, and we’d love to see you there. Take a look at our gun show calendar, circle the date of your local show, and start doing your research now. You can find the perfect gun for your needs and the firearms education that helps you get the most out of it. Book your tickets online to your local Eagle Shows gun show today.

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