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What Kinds of Vendors are at Gun Shows?

This may not be your first gun show, but if you haven’t been to an Eagle Shows Gun Show, you’re in for a different kind of adventure. Gun shows are popular attractions around the country, bringing in first-responders, second-amendment enthusiasts, and members of the local community who care about our freedoms, self-defense, and supporting local retailers. As Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, we’re more than just a “gun show”. We’re a community event, tourist attraction, and shopping opportunity that turns local venues into a destination for people from around the region and merchants from coast-to-coast. For those who aren’t used to an Eagle Show, however, it can be hard to imagine the sheer variety of products and services available to our attendees.

Major Gun Parts Suppliers, Manufacturers, And Dealers

The first category of vendors you’ll find at our events are the big guns, metaphorically and literally, sometimes. The Keystone State has always been at the forefront of our developing and exploring freedoms, and that hasn’t changed. The Second Amendment communities take notice, and our customers are better for it. 

  • Gunmakers – Major firearms manufacturers want to show their products to prospective buyers. They want the public to know about major upgrades, features, and the benefits of choosing their weapon for self-defense, duty, or to put your skills to the test within competitive shooting.
  • Parts Manufacturers – Firearms are meant to be durable goods, but even the most loved weapons will eventually need repair. In fact, the more you love to take your weapon to the range, the more likely you will need replacement parts, like precision barrels and replacement grips. Most brick and mortar stores don’t have the space to carry a wide variety of parts, sending a lot of business to the internet, but at Eagle Shows, retailers that specialize in parts can offer their parts directly to the gun owners who need them.
  • Gun Dealers – New and used gun vendors from around the state come to our shows to offer their firearms for sale in a safe, secure environment. Many of our gun vendors also operate brick and mortar stores but still choose to sell at Eagle Shows to expand their customer base and get an opportunity to visit with other industry professionals and find the best deals on firearms sales and trades from the communities we visit.
Firearm accessory vendor booth setup at a local Gun Show
  • Accessory And Gear Vendors – From mags to military surplus and tactical gear, the firearms community goes beyond just guns. You’ll find retailers selling duty gear for law enforcement, holsters for both conceal and open carry, slings, and gear bags. You’ll find the big names, state-of-the-art innovators, and something to help you step up your shooting game.

Regional Merchants and Service Providers

Along with national and state-wide vendors, you’ll find merchants whose reach may not extend quite as far but still deliver great service and unique products to Eagle Shows guests. 

  • Camping and Outdoor Equipment – The firearms community intersects with many other hobbies and lifestyles. Hiking gear, tents, and hunting blinds are common products to see at our shows. You’ll find everything you need to make your next hunting, camping, or hiking excursion safe and successful.
  • Food Sellers – We’re not talking about concessions. We’re talking about the specialty products that give you different flavors, a longer storage life, or fresher provisions to keep you well fed. Regional honey, beef jerky varieties you can’t find elsewhere, and shelf-stable food that you can store away for emergencies can all be found here.
  • Professional Services – Many regional businesses take advantage of Eagle Shows to expand their business footprint and generate leads for new and future contracts. Solar power companies, lawyers, and home services contractors of all kids will talk to you about home improvements, protecting your rights, and more. It’s not uncommon to come for a pistol and leave with an appointment for an estimate on a bathroom remodel, swimming pool, or landscaping care.

Local Organizations, Hobbyists, and Businesses

For the communities we serve, a visit from Eagle Shows is an event that’s circled on the calendar months in advance, and for many, it’s not about their own shopping opportunity. It’s a chance to put their products out there as business people themselves or to put themselves out there in support of a larger cause.

Military vehicles on display at a local Gun Show
  • Service Fraternities – Pennsylvania is filled with good people who understand that when we come together, we can make good things happen. Groups dedicated to improving their communities choose Eagle Shows as a way to share the positive impact they have on the community with others. From fundraisers and membership drives to presentations about community causes, it’s a unique platform to bring attention to community needs. 
  • Interest Groups – What inspires you? Whether you’re looking for hunting buddies, historical re-enactors, or new friends, clubs and hobby groups choose your local gun show for the same reason service organizations do: it offers an unsurpassed platform in front of would-be friends and supportive neighbors.
  • Craft Hobbyists – Plenty of people have a side hustle that focuses on turning basic materials into the handmade goods people love. Whether you make birdhouses in your garage or crochet comforters after church, your gun show offers the right venue to sell your wares. Our clean, well-lit exhibit walls come with comfortable conditions, security is provided, and you’ll get to introduce yourself to hundreds of customers who are looking for something special–just like your products.
  • Civic and Political Groups – The beauty of our democracy is the voice it gives to all citizens. Together, your voices can move mountains. Whether you’re fighting for your Second Amendment rights, getting a petition signed, or running for office, your gun show lets you talk directly to the people in your community, speaking with them about their passions and concerns, and organizing them to get your message heard and respected.
  • Neighborhood Businesses – At many of our venues, local retailers will buy a booth to introduce potential new customers to their offerings. A booth is more than just a temporary shop for these community members, as it represents a marketing opportunity with a phenomenal return on their investment.

Selling At An Eagle Shows Gun Show

Whether you’re a big business or just want to get some finished crafts out of your storage room, we’d be happy to have you at one of our shows. Fill out our vendor application and let us know about you. We’re proud to offer a safe space for people from all walks of life to buy, sell, and trade with each other. Your customers will be there, so make sure you are too.

What Will You Find At Your Next Eagle Show

Whatever you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll find it when we roll into town. We’re coming to an event hall, community center, or fairground near you. With VIP access, you can avoid ticket lines on the day of the event, so you have the first chance to find the best deal on the merchandise you’re looking for. Book your tickets and confirm your access to your local Eagle Shows gun show today.

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