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Top 6 Gun Accessories & Parts To Buy at a Gun Show

When you visit Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, you’ll find not only guns but the top gun accessories, parts, equipment, and more. As unique retail community events, we bring in merchants and vendors from near and far who want to offer their merchandise for sale to you. From local craftsmen to products from international manufacturers, there’s something for everyone’s range kit, bugout bag, or EDC loadout. Now is the time to take a look at what you’re missing, start your research, and get ready for your next Eagle Shows gun show.

Identifying The Accessories & Parts You Need

There are a lot of different gun accessories at your local gun show. Whether you’re buying for yourself or looking for the perfect gift for another Second Amendment enthusiast, it can be hard to decide what gun parts or equipment pieces to prioritize. 

  • What is your kit missing? One of the easiest ways to start your next gun show shopping list is to think about what you don’t have in your current setup. Whether it’s a piece of gear you read about in your favorite shooting magazine or something you saw someone else with at a range, a gun show is a perfect chance to find the gun accessory you’ve been drooling over.
  • What Makes Your Hobby Safer? Safety is important in the firearms community. From protecting your body to protecting your family when you’re at home, there are plenty of ways to improve safety. From the eye and ear protection you need for responsible range time to a home safe that keeps kids away from your gun but leaves it ready for self-defense, safety equipment options are some of the most popular gun accessories at every show.
  • What Would Make Your Lifestyle More Comfortable? From hunters to License to Carry holders, comfort is important when you’re carrying your firearm. You’ll find the top slings, holsters, cases, and carriers for a wide range of firearms.
  • What Will Help You Shoot Better? Performance gun parts are available to help you improve accuracy, fire rate, or increase your ammunition capacity. There is a wide range of parts, upgrades, and modifications for the leading commercial and homemade firearms models at every gun show.

How To Shop For Someone Else

If you’re doing some gift shopping at the gun show, keep in mind that firearms can be a very personalized hobby. A good rule of thumb is that the more integral a gun accessory is to the recipient’s firearms experience, the more likely it is that it’ll need to be something they choose for themselves. As an example, if they’ve mentioned a specific concealed carry holster, it may be a great gift, but otherwise, you risk getting one that sits wrong on their body, hampers their lifestyle, or has another issue that dooms it to a life collecting dust in the back of their closet instead of being used.

View of guests browsing a local gun show

There’s almost no end to what you’ll find when you browse our gun show. That’s why we always suggest booking your tickets online, arriving early, and making a full circuit of the show before you move in on your chosen deals. Show after show, however, there are a few gun accessories that bring in plenty of shoppers who are ready to find the gun parts they need at a price that fits their pocketbooks.


Whether you love tactical drills at the range or need a more comfortable concealed carry solution, you’ll find holsters in a variety of styles. From traditional leather “gunfighter” rigs to the most modern Kydex IWB models, there’s a carry option that’s perfect for your sidearm. Consider where and how you’ll use your holster and the features it needs for you. Do you need one with mag pouches, a belt loop, a thumb snap for weapon retention, or a clip that keeps it positioned under your waistband?

Magazines, Speedloaders, and Stripper Clips

A larger ammo capacity has you ready for anything. From drum mags for more range fun to an extra magazine for your concealed carry weapon, just in case. You’ll also find classic speedloaders for revolvers, stripper clips for faster box magazine loading, and thumb savers that make refilling your mags fast and a lot more comfortable. 

Safes, Cases, And Lockers

Safe gun storage is important. It not only keeps your firearms safer but also keeps your family. Whether you need something to display your favorite firearms in your den or a rapid-open safe for the bedroom that keeps your home defense weapon ready to deploy, there are plenty of gun accessories that help you keep your collection organized and secured properly.

Precision Gun Barrels

After thousands of rounds, even the best barrels can start to lose their accuracy, and for competitive shooters, there’s always a need for a better barrel that gives you tighter groups. Our vendors offer match-grade gun barrels from top manufacturers, threaded barrels for adding gun accessories, and ported barrels that help compensate for your weapon’s recoil. The gun show is a great place to find premium gun parts to upgrade your weapon.


If your iron sights aren’t doing the job, upgrade them with aftermarket gun accessories that make target acquisition faster or that improve your accuracy. Scoped, reflex sights, and laser dot systems are always popular additions that improve your firearm experience. Think about how you use your weapon and what kind of sight supports that functionality.

Performance Triggers

Close up view of a handgun trigger

Another popular range of gun parts is aftermarket triggers. Commercial triggers are designed to support functional use by a wide range of shooters. For precision shooting sports, this can lack the smoothness or response they need to excel. Tactical shooters may prefer a crisper return for faster repeat rounds on target. If you’re looking for more fun at the range, you might consider a pull-release trigger that legally doubles your rate of fire. Whatever modification you’re looking for, there’s a gun accessory that helps you get the trigger action you need for better shooting.

Guarantee Your Access

When you book your tickets online, you’re ensuring you can avoid long ticket lines for admission to the event. That gives you extra time to scout the hall, find deals on exactly what you’re looking for, and spot the deals you didn’t know you needed. Find your local event and book your tickets online to your next local Eagle Shows Gun Show today.

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