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What to Expect at the Oaks Gun Show

You never know exactly what to expect at our Oaks Show when Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show transforms the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center into the biggest gun buying, selling, and trading location in the Keystone State. The Oaks Gun Show features 1500 tables filled with vendors, crafters, and service providers who are bringing their best to help create a unique retail experience that offers something for everyone. While there’s always something new and different at the Oaks show, here are a few things we can promise you’ll find.

The Top Firearms Manufacturers and Vendors

Vendor Tables and Customers Browsing at the Oaks Gun Show in Oaks Pa

Vendors and manufacturers from across the country expect the Oaks Show to give them a chance to demonstrate, exhibit, and sell their top products to thousands of potential customers in the course of a single weekend. At the Oaks Gun Show, you’ll find some of the biggest gun makers, firearms accessory companies, gun retailers, and shooting supplies sellers from coast to coast set up next to local small businesses, crafters, and service providers, all competing for your business on an equal footing. It’s your one-stop-shop for anything firearms related, whether it’s new or old, vintage or modern.

The Best Custom and Commercial Knives

Guns and knives go hand in hand as tactical equipment, defensive tools, and field equipment for a variety of outdoor sports. Of course, you can expect the Oaks Show to have some of the best blades around. From the top commercial knives from almost every major manufacturer to bespoke custom offerings from blacksmiths, knifemakers, and craftspeople from other disciplines. Whether you’re looking for a new tactical knife or want to step up your kitchen cutlery, the Oaks Gun Show has you covered.

Outdoor Sporting Equipment and Supplies

Our vendors know you work hard and you like to play hard, which is why you’ll also find everything you need to get away from it all. From planning your next big camping adventure to putting food on your table, they have the outdoor equipment you need. You’ll find outdoor essentials, like tents and rucksacks, hunting gear, a huge variety of camouflage, and more. Just like our gun and knife dealers, these vendors are ready to work with you to find the right deal to outfit you with their top products. 

Unique Crafted Heirlooms

Crafters and hobbyists from around the region circle the date of the next Oaks Show, so expect to have the chance to buy one-of-a-kind products made by some of the best woodworkers, carvers, lappers, and makers throughout the region. You’ll love the traditional artistry and craftsmanship they put into their passion for working with materials to make something their customers will treasure and pass down for generations. 


Sure, we’ve got collectible guns and knives, but expect the Oaks Show to have plenty of coins, militaria, books, jewelry, trinkets, do-dads, whatsits, and more from bygone eras. These top-quality collectibles are sure to spark nostalgia, but they also offer the chance to buy time-tested tools that modern mass production can’t match, as well as investment-level collectibles that have proven their staying power in the collecting community. When we say the Oaks Gun Show has something special for everyone on your shopping list, we mean it.

A Clean, Comfortable Environment

We chose the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center because attendees and vendors expect the Oaks Show to be the premier gun show in the state of Pennsylvania. If 1500 tables sounds like a lot, it is, and the Expo Center gives us over 200,000 square feet for those tables, the teams of vendors manning each one, and the thousands of attendees who will walk through our doors during the weekend of the Oaks Gun Show. Support staff helps keep the area clean, bathrooms well stocked, and everyone comfortable so they can focus on finding the best gun deals on the floor.

Safety is a Priority

We know there are a lot of parties who are ready to demonize your Second Amendment rights, which is why we work so hard to maintain the safest gun shows around, period. All firearms are checked and tied at the door, with no loaded firearms permitted on the premises and no loose ammunition. You can expect paid professional security to keep the show safe, monitoring the site for any signs of danger or criminal activity while respecting the rights of everyone present to buy, sell, and trade guns legally. 

Family-Friendly Patriotism

Expect the Oaks Show to be a great chance to introduce the next generation to our rights to keep and bear arms while giving them the chance to enjoy a fun-filled weekend of shopping. While there are age requirements to purchase guns and some other products at the Oaks Gun Show, we’re always happy to welcome the whole family. Whether you’re planning on day-tripping to the gun show to fill out your safe or planning a weekend getaway, no one will find themselves bored at the Expo Center on gun show weekend.

Nearby Accommodations, Dining, and Entertainment

One of the benefits of traveling to the Oaks Show is you can expect to find plenty to do outside the show as well. As a major Philadelphia suburb, Oaks is a short drive away from some of the top entertainment and sporting venues in the country. You can find nearby hotel accommodations, eat at a fine dining establishment renowned the world over, visit the Oaks Gun Show, and round out your weekend with a concert, visit to the theatre, or by cheering on your favorite major sports franchise. 


BG Armory vendor booth at the Oaks Gun Show

In case it wasn’t clear, you can expect the Oaks Show to have guns–so many gnus. Between the commercial vendors and private Pennsylvania residents who are bringing their personal weapons to sell or trade, you can find almost every type of firearm, firearm accessory, or gun part somewhere on the 200,000-square-foot trade floor. Modern, antique, historical, reproduction–they’re all here, and they’re all for sale or trade.

Get Your Tickets to Your Next Local Gun Show

The best deals go fast, so expect to get to the Oaks Show early, ready with your shopping list and budget. Now is the time to do your research on the guns you’re looking for and make your trip plans. The next Oaks Gun Show is right around the corner. Order your tickets online from Eagle Shows today.

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