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Types of Hunting Gear You’ll Find at a Gun Show

When you need hunting gear that’ll help you bag the big one, Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show has you covered with more vendors, more tables, and more deals that will save you money. Hunting is an honored American tradition that relies heavily on our Second Amendment rights. Hunting and outdoor equipment remain some of the most common purchases people make at our events. Whether you’re filling a stewpot, putting a holiday feat on the table, or chasing the big bucks for meat and a trophy, you’ll find something to add to your kit at your next local gun show.

More Variety for Better Hunts

You never know what you’re going to find when we turn your local exhibit hall into a unique retail shopping destination, and that’s a good thing. Department stores only carry the most popular hunting gear because the majority of their business is for other products. Outdoor superstores carry more items, but they’re still limited by currently available production and an order book that’s been vetted and approved by corporate officers. The vendors at a gun show don’t face these limitations.

Every vendor on our sales floor is an independent entity representing either a merchant they work for or themselves, which means they have far more freedom to sell the hunting gear their customers want, not what a boardroom says they should carry. They can also sell new, used, and vintage items–including products no longer manufactured. Shopping for hunting gear at the gun show is a great way to customize your loadout to suit your hunting preferences.

Top Hunting Gear Purchases at Gun Shows

While every hunter has their own preferences and needs they’re trying to meet, there are some items that are sought out more than others. Whether you’re still new to the sport or have been hunting your entire life, there’s something for everyone at their local PA gun show.

Hunting Rifles

It is a gun show, after all. You’ll find hunting rifles in almost every caliber and configuration you can think of, along with sports pistols and field shotguns to round out your collection. When hunting, it’s important to have the right firearm to maximize your chance of using your tag or filling out your game limit. Vendors and private citizens like yourself will be at the show to buy, sell, and trade guns, making it the perfect opportunity to get a better gun for the game you’re after.

In addition, you can also get the hunting gear you need for specialty seasons, such as bows, crossbows, and muzzleloaders. This can add a dynamic new layer to your passion for hunting while extending your season to give you more chances to harvest animals for your table or trophy room.

Precision Optics

Precision optics help you acquire targets and shoot with more accuracy and greater precision. Traditional optics include the telescopic rifle sights that have sat atop deer rifles for generations, but modern optics give you more versatility to add to your hunting gear. Prism sights and red dots are popular weapons intended for short range, such as a shotgun or a pistol reserved for defensive use or delivering a final round to a wounded animal. The addition of a magnification scope, however, increases their utility and allows them to function similarly to traditional telescopic sights but with the projected overlay from your emitter.

Custom Ammunition

Handloaders have known for a while that if you want to fine-tune ballistic performance, you need the right bullet weight driven by a powder charge that gives optimal and reliable performance. While you can find reloading supplies at your local gun show, not all gun owners have the time or money to properly research and explore this part of their shooting hobby. What they can do, however, is find reloaded ammunition that meets the specifications they’re looking for. Whether you want a heavier bullet for more rapid energy transfer, more pressure to carry your round further, or a mix of the two, there are vendors with custom-loaded rounds ready to help you get the performance you’re looking for from your weapon.


Camouflage helps you blend into the background to help you keep from spooking the animals you’re hunting. We’ve talked before about the different types of camouflage you can expect to find at a PA gun show, and there are plenty of patterns that make great hunting gear. While urban camo may not be your first choice, traditional woodland patterns and modern realistic camouflage that mimics indigenous trees are readily available in a variety of sizes to outfit every hunter and hunter-in-training.

Tactical Hunting Knife

Tactical knife placed on a rock formation

A good tactical knife can be an indispensable tool while hunting. Tactical knives are strong, shard, and designed to perform well under a variety of conditions. They can help you finish off wounded game, aid in field dressing, or just provide the utility blade you need when setting up a blind, stand, or campsite. Both folding and fixed-blade tactical knives are available, up to and including those meant to mimic a popular action movie hero who was always out for first blood.

Camping/Hiking Gear

When your hunting trips are meant to range far in search of better specimens, you need the right equipment to get you there and back again. Hiking and camping equipment are popular hunting gear selections when you’re going to be working in a remote area, plan to stay out several days, or just want to be up at first light. You can find everything from lightweight gear that’s easy to pack in and out to more elaborate set-ups that let you create a true home-away-from-home out in the wild.

Be Ready for Bigger Game

The hunting gear you’re looking for is at a PA gun show close to you. Vendors from across the country are ready to give you a great deal on the equipment you’re looking for in our comfortable and safe shopping venue. Start planning now, and be ready to arrive early and find the best prices on the gear you need the day of the show. Order your gun show tickets online from Eagle Shows today.

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