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Top 3 Must-Visit Gun Shows in Pennsylvania This Year

Pennsylvania gun shows give you the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade firearms in the Keystone State, one of the most important locations in our Founding Fathers’ development and passage of our Second Amendment rights. They’re a unique retail shopping experience–pop-up shops that pre-date the current trend by generations. Held in event halls and conference centers near you, your local gun show is a safe, welcoming environment to shop with hundreds of your neighbors from vendors drawn from across the country.

Not Every Gun Show is Created Equal

When we bring Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show to a location near you, it’s always fun to connect with our established community partners, see how the towns we visit grow, and provide a venue for local businesses and private citizens to shop while strengthening bonds within their community. It gives us a chance to explore what makes Pennsylvania great–the range of people, places, and experiences that create it. While every gun show we put on is the best gun show since the last one, there are some stand-out locations that offer a unique experience, making them the perfect opportunity to plan a day trip to a part of the state you may not see every day. 

The Oaks, Pennsylvania, Gun Show

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center

Featuring 1500 tables, the Oaks show is sure to give you more bang for your buck. Held at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, it’s popular not only with Eastern Pennsylvania residents but is close enough to serve as a local gun show for our neighbors in New Jersey and Maryland. It not only provides ample space for finding the best deals on guns, shooting supplies, and accessories but also training areas for Utah/Arizona/Florida non-resident concealed carry classes, presentations, and exhibition space. 

We chose Oaks as a flagship location for our Pennsylvania gun shows for several reasons. A bustling suburb of Philadelphia, nearby food and lodging are plentiful, making it logistically convenient for the sheer number of vendors, guests, and family members that walk through the doors during the show weekend. Traditional shopping, world-class entertainment, and professional sporting events are all nearby, letting you turn your trip to a local gun show into a full-blown mini vacation. We also love the fact that so many key locations in American history, such as the Valley Forge National Park, are only a short drive away so families can reconnect with our national heritage.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Gun Show

Allstar Sports Event Complex in Gettysburg Pa

The All-Star Sports & Event Complex in Gettysburg, PA, is a state-of-the-art facility that features 73,000 total square feet of indoor space, making it a popular venue for everything from trade shows to concerts and sporting events. Nestled in an area rich with American history that dates back to the Revolutionary era, the borough is best known for its association with the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. No trip to the area would be complete without a visit to the Gettysburg National Military Park to both pay your respects and gain perspective on a seminal historic event in our shared history.

As Pennsylvania gun shows go, our Gettysburg show isn’t the largest, but at an average of 500 tables, it provides plenty of variety and deals to choose from. The exhibition hall is comfortable and spacious, giving you the perfect opportunity to shop for the guns and accessories you’ve been looking for. You’ll also find local businesses and crafters offering bespoke gifts for the whole family and civic organizations ready to share the area’s history or the causes they represent. 

Split Rock, Pennsylvania, Gun Show

Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony Pa

The Split Rock Resort is a Poconos mountain retreat in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania. While the size of this show–averaging 500 tables–is comparable to Gettysburg, the atmosphere surrounding it is entirely different. A year-round destination resort for family-friendly fun, Split Rock offers a luxury hotel experience, fine dining, and the thrill of a waterpark, in addition to the spacious exhibition hall that makes it the perfect sight for a local gun show. Our Split Rock show is the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and find the perfect gun for your collection while you do it.

Plan Your “Experience” at Pennsylvania Gun Shows

Traveling to a destination show is a bit different than just parking at your local gun show and running inside to check out what they have. While it can still be a fun, spontaneous trip for the family, you’ll get far more from your adventure if you take the time to plan and prepare beforehand:

  • Decide on Your Budget – We don’t just mean gas and road snacks, either. When planning a weekend gun show getaway, you need to budget for hotel and entertainment expenses as well as the guns and accessories you’re planning on buying. The last thing you want to do is see the money for your new hunting rifle turn into two tickets for a concert because you didn’t plan for both.
  • Do Your Research – Find out what attractions are near the gun show that might interest you, their hours, and their prices of admission. While an internet search will turn up plenty of sponsored results from attractions and venues, don’t forget to seek out local tourism boards that may not only have details but also discounts for your trip.
  • Do Your OTHER Research Too – Know what guns and accessories you’re looking for and what the fair market value is so you can decide how much you want to pay. Even though the trip may be centered around visiting a Pennsylvania gun show, you can still walk away from a bad deal if the price is too high or the condition too low.
  • Educate Yourself on Traveling With Guns – We’ve talked before about the best way to travel with guns, and when you visit a gun show outside your local area, you’ll be responsible for knowing the rules. Make sure you understand how to safely and legally carry weapons in your vehicle and in and out of the hotel. Contact the hotel to find out if there are room safes, or consider bringing your own lockbox for the hotel or vehicle storage locker. Remember: thieves know the gun show is in town too.

Get Your Tickets Online

Finally, you can prepare for a better Pennsylvania gun show experience by booking your tickets early online. You’ll guarantee your entry the day of the show while also removing one more budgeted expense from the pre-trip planning you’ll be doing closer to the show date. Order your tickets to your local gun show from Eagle Shows today.

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