Buying your first gun can be an exciting purchase, and at Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show, we want that purchase to be a fun, safe experience that leaves you satisfied you gout the right gun for your needs. While you may know some avid firearms collectors who are more than ready to offer their advice about the best gun you can buy, it’s important to remember that there isn’t a “perfect” gun for every person or situation. As a first-time gun buyer, it’s important to understand how you see the weapon you buy improving and enriching your life before you put down your hard-earned money.

The Myth of the Must-Have Gun

The gun community is like the automotive community in that everyone who gets bitten by the bug has strong opinions, and too often, that limits them from looking at things from outside their own box. Just as a diehard Toyota owner might look down on someone driving a Ford, you’ll encounter plenty of pushback from some experienced gun owners anytime someone suggests buying a first gun outside their preferred brand or style of firearm. While their personal choice bears listening to, it’s important to listen more to their reasoning and compare that with the feedback you get from other gun-owning friends. 

Understanding Yourself As A Gun Owner

While experienced feedback can be valuable insight, the most important questions you can ask before buying your first gun are the questions you will ask yourself before you visit a gun show to start browsing vendor tables as a first-time gun buyer. 

Other Questions You May Need To Ask

You should be developing a general idea of what you’re looking for from a firearm. Armed with this information, buying your first gun at a gun show should be fairly successful, but to make the experience better, you can take it a few steps further.

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What To Ask The Seller

Most vendors want to make buying your first gun an enjoyable experience. After all, they’ll be back with the next show, and many first-time gun buyers become second-time gun buyers eventually. We always suggest making a full circuit of the floor, taking a look at what everyone has to offer and getting a feel for the vendors themselves, before moving in to deal with someone who has the gun you want. As a first-time gun buyer, here are a few tips on talking to them.

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First-Time Gun Buyers Are Always Welcome

There’s something for everyone at our gun shows, whether you’re buying your first gun, tenth gun, or no gun at all. Our local gun shows are regional events, bringing in vendors from across the country and visitors from miles around to enjoy a unique retail experience centered on our American freedoms and Second Amendment rights. Have a great experience buying your first gun at the next Eagle Shows Gun Show near you.