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Holiday Gift Guide for the Gun Enthusiast

The Holidays are coming, and Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show is the best place to find the top gifts for gun enthusiasts at the best prices around. Some owners are easy to shop for, but others take more research and planning into what will take their Second Amendment lifestyle to the next level. We’ve put together the most useful and popular gift ideas for gun owners we see every year, so figure out Santa’s shooting shopping list, buy your gun show tickets online, and get ready to brighten someone’s day Christmas morning.

Gifts for the Whole Family

You’ll find much more than “just” firearms at your local gun show. Manufacturers, vendors, entrepreneurs, artists, and craftspeople from across the Keystone State and around the country come to your neck of the woods to show off their products. You can find outdoor gear for hiking and camping, sporting equipment, bespoke crafts for home decor, vintage tools and housewares, and even toys for the kids. Beyond buying gifts for the gun enthusiasts in your life, you can find something for just about anyone on your holiday shopping list.

Top Gifts for Gun Owners

While there are gifts for everyone, today, we’re focusing on the most sought-after gifts for (and by) gun owners when they visit their local gun show. From helping them shoot better to making their experiences with their weapon more fun, these gifts will keep them delighted round after round.

Tactical Knives and Hatchets

tactical knife sitting on top of wood log

A good tactical blade is worth its weight in gold when faced with a survival situation. Designed to be both versatile and tough under pressure, tactical knives feature strong, razor-sharp blades and functional elements that take them beyond simply being a cutting tool. From tactical folders that are ready to break a car window in an emergency to fixed-blade knives that double as machetes or hunting spears, there’s a wide range of these products on the market to fit almost any shooter’s lifestyle. 

Joining the design principles of a tactical knife to the common camp hatchet, tactical hatchets and hawks have become increasingly popular for their utility off-roading, at the campsite, or in a defensive situation. The heavier construction and weighted handle make them useful as both thrown and hand-held weapons, while the blade is perfect for splintering firewood or utility usage in the rough.

High-Performance Optics

Gideon Optics Alpha red dot sight

Modern optics make great gifts for gun enthusiasts. With more and more pistols being shipped optics-ready, adding a high-performance, cost-effective red dot sight, like the Gideon Optics Alpha, can give them a tool that speeds up target acquisition while improving both precision and accuracy. Popular both for range use and everyday carry, these sights overlay the target with a bright red targeting reticle for easy acquisition and repeated shots on the X-ring.

If you’re worried about buying a compatible optic for their weapon, set aside your budget and buy a pair of gun show tickets for each of you to go. That way, you can make sure they get a compatible shooting accessory while still ensuring you’re getting them exactly the gift you intended.

Carry Rigs and Range Bags

From holsters that make carrying your weapon more comfortable to bags that keep your gun and ammo safe while traveling to and from the range, travel gear remains a popular gift idea for gun owners. Holsters keep their weapon close at hand and ready to draw for self-defense, training, or competition. Meanwhile, range bags can go a long way toward replacing that rusty ammo can they lug loose rounds around in.

Modern materials are creating carrying gear that not only keeps shooting gear stored and secured but also protects it from the elements. If you want to give a useful gift that stands out from the pack, look for Kydex holsters that fit close into the body, travel cases with locks for transporting their favorite rifles to the hunting lease, or customized range bags that hold ammo, targets, and protective gear securely.

Gun Storage

gun safe for secure gun storage

Storage makes great gifts for gun enthusiasts who have a growing collection. Safe, secure gun storage helps protect the weapon from environmental damage while keeping it away from anyone who shouldn’t have access to the recipient’s firearms.  Your local gun show has the options they’re looking for to protect or display their guns in style.

Safes, cabinets, and lock boxes all keep firearms and accessories behind a locked door. Meanwhile, display cases made from wood and glass give gun owners a way to safely show off their favorite pieces with a traditional hunter’s den aesthetic. You can also find modern gun concealment furniture designed to keep firearms away from children but still leave them ready to deploy when self-defense is needed, such as tables that slide open to reveal a rack for an AR-15.

Ammunition. Seriously. They’ll Love It.

If you’ve put in any range time, you know that the cost of ammunition keeps going up. Boxes of ammo can be used as stocking stuffers, while the sight of a full case of practice cartridges under the tree can have a gun owner grinning ear-to-ear. Bullets are a great way to let someone know you care about their hobby and personal safety, especially when bought in bulk. 

A New Gun

As of this writing, it’s still legal to transfer long guns as a private transaction in the State of Pennsylvania, including as a gift. If you know the special gun owner in your life has had their eye on a particular firearm for their gun collection, get your gun show tickets and get ready to hit the mark with a Christmas gift you know they’ll love. 

Order Your Gun Show Tickets Online

When you visit your local gun show, you can get your Christmas shopping done in a comfortable event hall with paid security. Get your shopping list ready and circle the date on your calendar. Order tickets online to your next Eagle Shows gun show today.

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