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Gun Case Guide: How to Find the Best Gun Case for Your Needs

Whether you’re traveling with it, storing it, or keeping it safe to and from your lease, the best gun case will protect your firearm from damage. Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Show offers a lot more than just firearms to our customers. We’re your one-stop shop for all firearms equipment, accessories, and so much more, including the hard and soft gun cases your guns will thank you for. At first glance, buying a case seems pretty simple–have a gun, get a case, then put gun in the case. There is a wide range of firearms cases on the market, however, and choosing the right one can save you money, offer better protection, and provide the utility you’ve been looking for.

Understanding Your Gun Case Needs

Not all cases are made the same, and the best gun case for you may not be the same as the one that’s right for your range buddies. There are so many different types, materials, and features on the market precisely because every gun owner is unique, with their own preferences and priorities when it comes to their shooting lifestyle. Understanding how you want to use your guns and the cases that protect them is key to making the right purchase. 

  • Size – It doesn’t make sense to get a case that doesn’t fit your weapon. Cases are available to protect pistols, long guns, multiple guns, and even carry a limited amount of field or range equipment in a single tidy package.
  • Impact Risk – Gun cases secure your weapon in padding to help cushion slips and drops and protect it from the wear that comes from bumping polished wood or metal around in a vehicle or against other firearms. Sometimes you need a bit more physical protection, and a hard case can provide rigid support around that padding to keep your guns safer.
  • Environment – Impacts aren’t the only threats your guns face. Harsh environments, moisture, sand, and extreme cold can all wreak havoc on your weapon’s finish and precision parts.
  • Security – Guns are high-value theft targets for thieves, and an unsecured weapon can be a liability concern for you once it gets into the wrong hands. Theft-resistant cases help keep the weapon secured behind metal, locks, or anchor points.

Case Options

Now you’ll want to match your needs with the options and features on the available cases. While you may not find every case on the market at your local Eagle Shows gun show, you’ll find a wide variety. With a little planning, you can make sure your gun show trip to buy a new case is successful. Do your research beforehand to understand what your priorities are, then address those priorities on the day of the show.

  • Hard Gun Cases – When it comes to keeping your guns safe while flying, in the back of your truck, or when shipping them, it’s hard to beat a hard-sided case. Made from metal, wood, or a composite material like fiber-reinforced plastic, they are built to take a hit without passing it onto your weapon. While this is great at preventing the jarring impacts that can damage optics, scratch your gun’s finish, or dislodge one of the more delicate internal parts in your firearm, it comes with a larger and often heavier fixed size that can be cumbersome to carry or transport. 
black rifle with scope sitting on top of a soft gun case
  • Soft Gun Cases – Usually featuring a generous amount of padding inside a heavy-weight cloth or leather outer layer, these are popular cases when big impacts aren’t likely to be an issue. They offer plenty of protection, and the smaller sizes are often easier to carry, load into your vehicle, and conceal in a closet or under blankets as an added security. measure.
  • Waterproof – Whether you’re taking your gun out to the lake or just live in an area near the ocean where salt water air is waiting to do a number on your gun blueing, the best cases to protect your weapon from moisture will seal it away tightly behind gaskets and seals. Some waterproof cases are even designed to float, adding that much more protection for your firearm. While it can protect the gun inside by locking out external moisture, it can also lock it in, making it vital to ensure your gun, accessories, and padding is dry before leaving it there long-term.
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  • Safes – While most cases will have a closure that keeps your weapon secure, many of which offer a way to add a luggage lock, these really just keep the case from opening on its own or, at best, keep honest people honest. Cases that double as safes, however, take it a step further. Usually either steel hard gun cases or kevlar-reinforces soft gun cases, these feature a more robust locking mechanism and a method of securely fixing the case itself in place, either to brackets, clasps, or via a steel cable.  
  • TSA/Airline Approved – Some manufacturers will go through the process of getting their gun cases pre-approved by the TSA for airline travel. While you’ll still have to follow all rules and regulations–and you can successfully fly with any compliant case, even if not pre-approved–you can fly with the peace of mind that there’s one less item for an overzealous inspector to flag you for.

Buying Your Gun Case

Once you know the features you’re looking for and your budget, it’s time to plan your gun show trip. The best gun cases are in high demand, so buy your tickets online and get to the show early. Plan on making a circuit of the sales floor, taking note of who is offering the cases with features you’re looking for and the prices they offer, then move in for a good deal from your chosen vendor. Remember to be flexible, however. It’s not uncommon to find you actually need two cases–one that you came for and one for the new gun you found along the way.

Mark your calendar and make sure you’re ready. Order your tickets online to your next local Eagles Shows gun show today.

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