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10 Must-Have Gun Accessories for Enthusiasts

The right gun accessories can help you create a better shooting experience to meet your needs, and the largest selection of shooting accessories you’ll ever see is found at Pennsylvania’s Largest Gun Shows. Whether you’re looking for gun customizations for the range, tactical gear to keep you safe on duty, or equipment to make your everyday carry easier and safer, our vendors have you covered with the top products on the market from across the country and around the world. Your local gun show is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to find everything you need to shoot better, all in one place.

You Have the Gun, Get the Accessories

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Enjoying your Second Amendment rights has never been a one-size-fits-all activity. People choose to purchase, own, and use guns for different purposes. Accessories help you fine-tune your shooting to hone in on hunting, self-defense, precision shooting, or to give you a competitive edge at the range or in drills.  While you can find a specialty tool, gun accessory, or piece of gear for almost any purpose at one of our shows, here are a few of the most commonly sought-after products that gun owners are looking out for.

The Top Shooting Accessories at Gun Shows

Precision Optics  

Aftermarket optics give help improve precision, accuracy, and the speed of target acquisition compared to your weapon’s iron sights. Traditional optics, like the magnified scopes common on hunting weapons, give you a close-up view of your target with an etched or printed reticle that helps you guage windage, elevation, and bullet drop adjustments. While this technology has proven reliable for generations, modern optics offer more features and more dynamic aiming assistance.

Red dot prism, reflex, and holographic optics use LEDs or lasers to overlay your sight picture with a bright reticle that makes finding your aim point faster and more precise. While some are magnified to enlarge the area within the optic’s field of view, others offer a smaller housing and no magnification to not only aid in the speed of acquisition and precision but also maintain your situational awareness with a minimally obstructed view of the target and its surroundings. 

Tactical Lights 

Low-light situations can be challenging in training and dangerous in real life, making a good tac light a popular gun accessory. While some prefer lights that install on your weapon either via a rail mount or clamp, other gun owners prefer handheld models that let them aim their light independently from their weapon. With advancements in LED and battery technology, these lights are smaller and more powerful than ever, providing the perfect balance between a spotlight pattern for effective aiming and target identification and a more diffuse flood for situational awareness and clearing your target’s surroundings. Beyond simple shooting accessories, they’re an always-useful addition to your tactical gear, glove box, or bedside stand.

Gun Price Guide 

Before you show up to buy, sell, or trade guns, it’s always a good idea to know the value of what you have to work with or the gun you’re looking for. Price guides can also be a powerful research tool for identifying variants of common models and special editions that you may be unfamiliar with. The best guides provide some basic information about the weapon before breaking down the value based on model, options, and the condition of the weapon. This is one of our favorite gun accessories because it can help you save (or make) money on your guns.

Tactical Knife 

Another important addition to your tactical gear and many peoples’ everyday carry, tactical knives are designed to be tough, sharp, and ready for action. Tactical knives are great utility tools for cutting and prying, but they also serve as backup weapons when needed as a last line of defense. These razor-sharp shooting accessories are available with a range of blade, grip, and lock styles to fit almost every individual’s preferences.

Gun Holster 

From duty to defense and open-carry to concealment, these gun accessories come in a wide range of styles to help you make sure your sidearm is secured but ready when needed. You’ll find traditional leather holsters that would have been at home in the old west, nylon tactical rigs that are meant for dynamic real-world threats, and comfortable Kydex models designed for everyday carry that are molded to fit your gun’s frame. You’ll even find pouches and holsters for extra magazines to keep you loaded up for extended range time or more firepower in the field.

Pull-Release Triggers 

An ATF-legal way to increase your weapon’s rate of fire without the expensive NFA tag or time-consuming paperwork, these binary trigger systems can double your rate of fun at the range. By firing a round on both the pull of the trigger and its release–one round per trigger action–your weapon retains its semi-automatic status while letting you rock and roll safer at the range.

Extended and Drum Magazines

More rounds mean more firepower in the field and more fun at the range. Extra magazines and speed loaders have always been popular shooting accessories, but aftermarket drum mags let you kick it up a notch. Instead of the 10 to 15-round box mag often supplied with handguns or 10 to 20-round rifle magazines, you can push your ammunition capacity to 50 rounds, 100 rounds, or more. That’s a lot of shooting between mag swaps, but be sure to get a mag loader and save your poor thumbs some pain.

Pistol Braces

These controversial gun accessories attach to your weapon and help the shooter manage recoil. While some regulatory bodies have tried to enact bans on these devices with mixed results, they remain popular where allowed by law. These devices can not only be fun on the range, but they’ve also helped make shooting sports more accessible to those who may have issues with physically controlling their weapon otherwise by providing a safer means of enjoying their Second Amendment rights.

Reloading Supplies 

If you want to get more bang for your buck, police up that brass and get your reloading gear ready. Ammunition reloading lets you save money with every range trip while also letting you tailor specialty rounds to meet your shooting needs.

Night Vision Gear 

Night vision technology continues to evolve, and today’s gear offers higher quality at a lower price point. Available as visors, goggles, and scope-like devices, these gun accessories peer into the infrared light spectrum and render it into visible images for shooting after dark or in buildings without lights. New and used equipment is available at your local gun show in a variety of forms, with older technology being offered at even more reasonable prices.

Bonus Gun Accessory

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Do you know what goes great with a gun? Another gun. Along with the top accessories, be sure to look out for great deals on side arms, rifles, shotguns, and carbines that may complement the capabilities of your current weapon. This can be especially true in the case of pistol-caliber carbines, which use the same ammunition–and in some cases, the same magazines–as their pistol counterparts. You’ll find retailers, collectors, and your next-door neighbors who are ready to buy, sell, or trade firearms at the show.

Get Your Gun Show Tickets Online

We’re proud to offer a safe, well-lit shopping area with professional security to the vendors and guests who want to buy, sell, and trade guns and gun accessories at their local event center or exhibition hall. Circle the date on your calendar, do your research, and get ready to find the shooting accessories and tactical gear you’ve been looking for. Order your tickets online to your local Eagle Shows gun show today.

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